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Power LED Downlight

With High-quality, value-driven recessed directional downlights, offering high-efficiency performance ranging from 30W up to 50W Downlights in a range of colors, shapes and sizes to suit your needs.
Hi Power LED Downlight

Directional LED Downlight

LED downlight can be used for a variety of applications, including residential applications, commercial and hospitality environments, offices, supermarkets, shops, schools, hotels and restaurants.

Hi Power LED Downlight

Hi Power LED Downlight is probably the most commonly used light fittings throughout the commercial and architectural places and can be used in almost every room, in almost any application, ultimate longer lasting, low energy alternative to common CFL fittings found in offices, hotels and other commercial environments. Our quality products are manufactured to a high standard in a variety of finishes to suit all decors and tastes. Directional downlights are a decorative downlighter that has a directional centre. The lamp is multi directional within the holder either by using a spring clip or by a twist lock mechanism. We have the widest range of energy efficient LED downlights with different sizes, colors and specifications. Our downlights are designed to provide energy efficient lighting. Tested to the highest specifications, the quality, reliability and performance of our downlights are guaranteed by GlobeLED Philippines Peace-of-Mind Warranty and after sales service and support.

Easy Installation

Downlight and drivers are provided as a complete system ready to plug in. A feature of these units is a very wide beam angle of 100 degrees, which means uniform lighting is assured. The twist lock is normally used in higher quality cast aluminium fittings where the front of the fitting has a removable section that twists and locks into place holding the lamp in position The spring clip is compressed a little and placed over the front of the lamp where it then expands and sits within a groove holding the lamp in position. This LED Lights typically have very small clearance requirements because it generates much less heat than halogen and incandescent lights.

Directional LED Downlight

LED Power: 50W, 40W, 30W
Color Temp: Day Light, Cool White, Warm White
RA: >80(max95)
SDCM: <4
Beam Angle: 35° / 40° / 60°
Input Voltage: 100-277vAC/180-270VAC
Frequency Range: 50-60hz
Working Temperature: -45°C-45°C
Storage Temperature: -25°C-65°C
Color of Frame: White/Black/Silver
Dimmable Available: Triac/0-v/DALI/Wi-Fi
Lumen: 90lm/w
30W Dimension: φ160*H109 Cutout:φ140(hole)
40W Dimension: φ180*H114 Cutout:φ160(hole)
50W Dimension: φ230*H115 Cutout:φ200(hole)
Life Span: 50,000
Certificate: CE/RoHS/SASO/SAA/GS

Over the years we have shown just how much we appreciate the importance of lights and the actual impact they have on people’s lives. The right lighting turns a house into a real home and shows off the occupant’s style, tastes and personality. Thanks to the extensive range of lighting we have on offer. GlobeLED Philippines products are frequently reviewed and updated to the latest technology in order to provide the best cost effective,energy saving and high quality products for our customers. We have the best energy saving products to fit your home and business needs. We offer superior products and unrivalled customer service from start to finish. Our LED Lights are perfect for use in a wide range of applications, including Interior lighting, Industrial Lightings, Retail Space, Tunnels, Facade, Billboard ,  Hotels, Architectural Lighting, Office Lightings, Parking Lights, Gaming Lightings, Street Lightings, Residential & Commercial Lightings.

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