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Widest Range of LED Lightings

Specialist for architectural lighting presents an exceptionally extensive range of luminaires

LED Tube Lights

LED Tube Lights

T8 LED tube lights are the most popular used LED Tube light type, it is used for general indoor lighting such as in schools, hotels and offices. Our T8 LED Tube Lights adopt high quality components and the user-friendly design. It can be easily mounted in any desired place and it only require minor electrical modifications to the existing fitting. Our LED Lighting solutions provide energy savings, Cost Effective and low maintenance cost over conventional lighting. Our T8 LED tubes have much substantially longer life span and they also use much less power than the traditional fluorescent lights.  LED light sources feature low energy consumption, swift in response, and dramatically reduced maintenance costs. They have substantially longer life and they also use much less power than fluorescent tubes of equivalent output.

LED Lighting Technology

LED Tube Lights are commonly used in various lighting facilities to serve as a replacement light source for traditional fluorescent tubes. LEDs use less than a third of the power of fluorescent and last up to five times longer. Our LED Tube Lights offer instant start-up without flicker. This Tubes Lights have several advantages comparing to the fluorescent tubes. LED tubes are mercury free or do not contain any other environmentally hazardous substances.

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Energy Efficiency


Mercury Free




GlobeLED Philippines delivers a range of innovative and reliable LED lighting  solutions, designed to maximize performance, energy efficiency and cost savings.  We pride ourselves in being a lighting solutions provider by offering our customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products. Because they are designed to save energy and therefore to reduce the costs, LED lighting systems are widely used in large organizations and buildings, such as hotels, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and supermarkets.


We specialise in LED lighting solutions and supply a wide range of innovative LED lighting products, ranging from high-powered and architectural to ambient and residential. Our products are frequently reviewed and updated to the latest technology in order to provide the best cost effective,energy saving quality for our customers.With the rapid development of LED technology, GlobeLED Philippines emerged as a leading supplier of LED lighting. GlobeLED is a dedicated brand name in the field of energy efficient LED lighting systems in the Philippines.  This LED Lights have several advantages comparing to halogen lights. Our lights are mercury free or do not contain any other environmentally hazardous substances.


Our lighting solutions are manufactured to strict standards of performance and quality. We pay attention when choosing better quality LED chips, Although some of our bulbs may look similar to others, the internal components may be of higher quality. Our products are professionally designed & engineered in Taiwan.

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