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LED Bulb

GlobeLED works with some of the world's most innovative and proven manufacturers to co-develop unique LED products specifically for Philippines' lighting environment.
LED Bulb

LED Bulb

We provide quality LED Bulb products at the lowest prices in market.


Our large selection of innovative LED Bulb which are 90% more efficient than a typical CFL bulb. This LEDs are the most energy efficient technology available today. LED have been hailed as the future of lighting. It uses very little energy, claim to last a very long time. They are instantly bright when switched on. LED Bulb are specially designed for replacing conventional incandescent and CFL bulbs. This are great for use in table lamps, bed lamps, decorative lamp fixtures and reading lamps. Instead of using fragile glass which is often used in halogen and CFL bulbs, LED’s tend to be made out of high quality plastic and as such are shock and drop resistant. LED Light does not only provides a sharp light but also offer an environment friendly and energy efficient method. We offer a  better LED lights to provide a long service no UV radiation hazard free light. We offer a wide range of LED Bulb products with very competitive price. GlobeLED Bulb are much more durable in comparison with other lighting. Not only can they last significanly longer than others, they are also far less fragile. Our Bulb has a superior thermal management with internal copper heat conductor and external aluminum housing.

LED Bulb

LED Bulb = CFL
3 Watts = 7W
5 Watts = 12W
7 Watts = 17W
10 Watts = 24W
12 Watts = 28W
15 Watts = 35W
18 Watts = 40W
LED Chip: Taiwan Epistar
Light Color: White/Warm White
Color Temperature: 6500K/2700K
Working Voltage: 85-265VAC
Lumen: 110lm/w
Beam Angle: 120°
Lamp Base: E27
Life Hours: 40,000 hrs

Switching to LED is a very valuable investment. Another great advantage of GlobeLED Bulb are that they last a life time. It has a lifespan for around 40,000 hours. They can be used everyday for years to come without any worry of the light blowing. Using LED Bulb is the most outstanding solution for all domestic, general & commercial lighting applications. Widely use especially for museums and art galleries.

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