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LED Candle Light

GlobeLED works with some of the world's most innovative and proven manufacturers to co-develop unique LED products specifically for Philippines' lighting environment.
LED Candle Light

LED Candle Light

We provide quality LED products at the lowest prices in market.


Compared with conventional energy saving light and incandescent lamp, LED Candle Light efficiency enhances 10 times, and saves 90% energy which is economical and environment-friendly. Using the latest LED technology, through a unique circuit, optical design, and good thermal designs to achieve the requirements of products with energy efficient and long life. Replace the energy saving light and incandescent lamp with LED Candle Light, the operating costs will be greatly reduced.
Energy Saving: High power efficiency,save 80% power compared to traditional lamps.
Low Cost: low power consumption, low lumen attenuation,low light decline.
High brightness: Good material of lens to ensure the best light transmission.
Good heat dissipation :Use unique heat dissipation structure design;
Durable: Constant current drive,high quality chip; easy to install;
Long lifespan: 40000 hrs,10 times longer than traditional lamp;
Environment friendly: No UV or IR radiation, No mercury or lead.
LED Candle Light is used in shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, exhibition halls, conference rooms, hospitals, windows, home and other places, especially for luxury high standard large space decorative lighting.

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