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Widest Range of LED Lightings

Specialist for architectural lighting presents an exceptionally extensive range of luminaires

Taiwan Made LED Lights Philippines

We offer the most reasonable and affordable Taiwan Made LED Lights Philippines & ensures that we keep our customers pleased and satisfied. We are strongly oriented to customer’s tastes and preferences. We are aiming to develop mutually beneficial relationship with our customers and client. To keep abreast of the latest developments for our products to maintain quality standards at all times. We aim to provide our clients with high-quality lights and the finest of customer services. Taiwan Made LED Lights Philippines. Comprehensive range of sustainable Taiwan Made LED Lights Philippines products in Manila Philippines. GlobeLED has the perfect low cost lighting solution for you. LED lights are currently the most efficient and cost saving source of illumination.

LED Lighting Technology

Distributing world class, high efficiency, top quality LED lighting products under the brand name GLOBELED. We are committed to developing emerging solid-state technology that offers greater longevity and environmental viability than traditional lighting sources, while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs. Our clients consist of Architects, Landscape Architects, Lighting Designers, Engineers and Professionals. All our products has attained numerous international standards like CE, RoHS, ISO 9001 etc, thus ensuring safety, quality and reliability.

Life Hour


Energy Efficiency


Mercury Free




We pride ourselves in being a lighting solutions provider by offering our customers a broad line of innovative and high quality lighting products. Because they are designed to save energy and therefore to reduce the costs, LED lighting systems are widely used in large organizations and buildings, such as hotels, factories, shopping malls, hospitals, office buildings and supermarkets.


Our products are frequently reviewed and updated to the latest technology in order to provide the best cost effective,energy saving quality for our customers. With the rapid development of LED technology, GlobeLED Philippines emerged as a leading supplier of LED lighting.


Our lighting solutions are manufactured to strict standards of performance and quality. We pay attention when choosing better quality LED chips, Although some of our bulbs may look similar to others, the internal components may be of higher quality. Our products are professionally designed & engineered in Taiwan.

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